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Product Review:

Was sent some lovely skincare a few weeks ago by this darling skincare company! Both of these products are part of two separate skincare routines of mine: Peeling, and Anti-Acne. They are formulated for acne, but also have additional peeling benefits, and are perfect for sensitive skin.⠀


Purifying Toner Clarifying Pore Minimizer is a botanical infused alcohol-free toner with salicylic and 5% glycolic acids to remove dead skin buildup to brighten skin luminosity and correct breakouts and pore appearance while improving skin texture. Excellent exfoliator for sensitive skin that cannot tolerate stronger toner products. Has a pH of 3.5 for enhanced dead skin removal. .⠀Clarifying Gel Mask is a 10-Minute Micro Peel with 10% pure glycolic acid at a low pH of 3.5, hydrating peptides, and botanical extracts. It smooths, firms, helps clear acne, while improving pore appearance. Gently removes dead cell build up on surface to improve luminosity and even tone. Helps clear acne breakouts by preventing new and dissolving existing dead cell plugs in pores.⠀


These have excellent peeling yet soothing qualities which you don’t usually see together in one product. Usually something that “peels” can sting your skin or be overly drying. But both of these have left my skin feeling very plump and soft. No stinging or burning! .⠀

I will be using these more often now that I’ve established my skin can handle them. I’m very pleased with these so far, and will be reviewing them further after I incorporate them more often.⠀


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