Complexion Perfection

We all know the outstanding benefits of vitamin C serums, including stimulating new collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkle, protection against free radicals, helping reduce discolorations on the skin and providing enhanced protection against UV exposure. Vitamin C serums are a staple in skincare regimens when you are looking to achieve a youthful glow. What if we combine all these benefits and boost it with plant stem cell technology. This is what La Chloris Urban Botanics claims about new Recreation Serum, so I wanted to try it for myself.

Reading up on plant stem cells in skincare I found out they help to protect against sun damage and prevent wrinkles, have a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, stimulate better cell turnover, leading to more youthful skin. Specifically, the lilac stem cells that are found in La Chloris Recreation Serum lessens Progerin, the skin aging protein, plumps skin appearance with Hyaluronic boost, lessens blackheads, breakouts, and improves pore appearance, brightens skin and evens skin tone, and even helps to calm redness and rosacea.

This combination seems too goog to be true, but I added this serum to my skin care routine and started seeing my skin change for the better in the first couple of weeks and as time passed my skin just kept getting better! This serum is a powerhouse of completion perfection that can’t be ignored. When Vitamin C combines forces with stem cell technology the results are amazing. La Chloris Urban Botanics Recreation Serum is a must have and worth the splurge.

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