Best Dermatologist Approved Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Aging is a part of life but that doesn’t mean you can’t do so gracefully and beautifully. With the proper skin care regime and anti-aging products you can care for your skin as it matures and help to reduce the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

The La Chloris Re-Creation System is not only dermatologist approved, it was formulated by a dermatologist to specifically repair current signs of aging and help to prevent visible signs of aging. La Chloris Re-Creation system has been clinically tested and provided positive results for the majority of individuals who took part in the study.

With a combination of concentrated, medical grade formularies and natural botanical-based active ingredients this anti-aging skin care three step system has proven to help with:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improving overall skin texture
  • Evens skin tone
  • Reduces visibility of discoloration (e.g. age spots)
  • Improves redness and hyperpigmentation

The La Chloris anti-aging skin care line consists of a three product/ three step process that is twice a day for optimal results.

  1. Gentle Gel Cleanser: The process begins with massaging this gentle anti-aging skin cleanser on the damp skin of your face and/or neck. You should leave it on for 10 seconds and then rinse with warm water. This cleanser is ideal for those with normal to sensitive skin and contains the calming agents of chamomile essential oils and antioxidants. Algae peptides in this cleaner provide firming and smoothing effects on the skin while the brown algae extract help protect your skin from damage. The La Chloris Gentle Gel Cleanser helps to rehydrate your skin cells and nourish the skin while removing impurities on the surface and deep within the pores.
  2. Re-Creation Serum: This anti-aging serum consist of a concentrated level pf lilac stem cells, marine extracts, and vitamin C – all specifically meant to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines while also improving the texture and tone of your skin. The anti-aging serum is applied following the application and rinse of the facial cleanser. It can be applied to both the face and neck.
  3. Re-Creation Cream: Lastly, the application of this powerful anti-aging moisturizer is applied. This cream contains Lipochroman®, one of the strongest antioxidants, which helps to reverse current signs of aging present on your face and neck. This powerhouse of a moisturizer also contains a combination of peptides and brighteners that help firm the skin and reduce visibility of hyperpigmentation, including brown spots associated with aging, pregnancy, and sun damage.

In addition to your twice daily application of the highly renowned and effective La Chloris, you should also practice other common-sense skin care practices such as drinking plenty of water and wearing sunscreen to help in preventing further damage to your skin and aiding in the repair of aging signs.

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